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My Hobbys





Dear friends and relatives

I would like to present to you my particular hobby: Collecting lids of coffee creamers or milk mini containers as well as lids of all mini containers of Mc Donald’s’ sauces such as ketchup, sweet and sour, curry, barbeque, sour cream, curry, honey and tartar herb sauce.

I have been collecting these items from all over the world for over thirty years. My collection of around 30'000 different lids is one of the largest collections in Switzerland, maybe even world-wide.

Now I have a huge favour to ask of you. Would you mind helping me completing my collection? Should you see such mini-containers of coffee creamers or similar in restaurants please take them home. Sometimes such mini containers of coffee creamers or milk can also be bought in shops. If it is possible please buy them. Please send the lids to me. Of course, I will gladly cover your expenses.

To ensure that the lid is not damaged while opening the container I suggest you use a sharp knife to cut two holes into the bottom of the container. I will then cut the bottom part of the container close to the lid. Then I place it into fuel overnight in order to dissolve the glue between lid and container.

I know many other collectors and we exchange lids. They collect all kinds of lids of mini containers (one portion):
• marmalade/jam mini-container lids
• butter mini-container lids
• yoghurt container lids
• salad dressing mini-container lids
• honey mini-container lids

If I have lids of these types of containers I can exchange them for coffee creamer lids which I do not have. This means I can use all the lids in any number – even if it’s the same design. So please send me as many lids as possible.

Thank you so much for supporting me. I am really grateful for you help and appreciate it a lot!

Marianne Martens